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How to stop taking Statin drugs

As some of you know a lot of the health information I provide involves blood lipid levels and brain health for people’s education. Some of these themes center around my own health and my family history. My biggest concerns are about dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer (my hero Steve Jobs died of this) and prostate health.

Today’s subject is cardiovascular health and some of my own history.

Ten years ago at age 61, my total cholesterol was 280, triglycerides were over 350 and sometimes higher, but my HDL cholesterol was 70, which is a good to excellent value. I had osteoarthritis in my hands and one knee.

I tried changing my diet, eating more vegetables and far less meat but this had zero effect on my cholesterol. My doctor was most concerned by the high triglycerides which have never been lower than 300 my entire life. High triglycerides may lead to pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. I refused to take Statin drugs.

My journey has now happily ended and and now have a remarkable blood lipid profile which I now am publicly publishing for others to benefit. The key to getting the personal cholesterol numbers I am posting is to take 500 mg AkerBiomarine’s Krill oil a day (one brand is MegaRed) along with 1 capsule of Be Whole’s AlphaOmega 3 EPA/DHA/Lysine complex that also contains Algatech’s Astaxanthin and Vitamins D3 and B12 along with phosphatydylcholine.

Here are my numbers: Triglycerides are now 128 instead of over 300! Total Cholesterol is 237 which is a very good value if you consider my HDL’s are now way off the charts. The HDL’s are now 114 mg/dL a ultra high value and have been as high as 150. The Cholesterol/HDL ratio is now 2.1 far lower than the <5.0 normally considered as safe.

My age is 71, blood pressure usually 115/70, weight 175, 6’2″ tall.

These results are reminiscent of the observations found in the village of Stoccareddo in the comune of Gallio, Province of Vicenza, Italy (look it up on Wikipedia) where people have a diet rich in fatty food but have very low rates of heart disease. It is thought that their lack of heart attacks is due to the fact that they have a genetic mutation that naturally shifts their blood lipid profile to high levels of HDL. Since I do not have this genetic characteristic, I have found a way of achieving the same result using health boosting supplements like Krill oil and Be Whole’s Alpha Omega 3.

Recommended Supplements:

  • Be Whole AlphaOmega 3
  • Aker Krill oil 500 mg.
  • Both do not upset my stomach or cause burp-back.
  • Do not take fish oil.

One interesting simply positive side effect is that 10 years ago I had severe arthritis in my hands and one knee. It was so severe, that I had trouble in entering my zip code at gas pumps or simply twisting the cap of a Perrier bottle. All that has changed and now I no longer have any trace of osteoarthritis.

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