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Everything is Genetically Modified

It is interesting to read the responses to my article on sugar. Many people seem to single out and blame Monsanto for inventing the product Roundup and using genetic engineering to modify certain characteristics in crops.

Genetic modification is a targeted process that POSSIBLY leads to useful results, rather than watching nature randomly mutate organisms and man choosing the offspring to create better crops and animals. Random mutations and radiation induced chromosomal mutations are usually bad and the offspring will die out, but a few offspring are actually better and survive.

Forced mutations using UV and gene altering chemical mutagens have given the marijuana sold in states, where it is legal, astronomical THC levels, all induced by man! Not nature.

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) made either by fermentation or by a GMO route is simply sugar. Sugar, in any form, even starch, is bad for you. Sugar = Sucrose is a compound that is comprised of two simple sugars: glucose and fructose. HFCS is simply glucose and fructose in essentially the same ratio as sucrose. Neither of these sugars contain any genetic material from corn or the plants or organisms used to make them. They are refined, with protein and DNA removed.

Every living organism on earth is genetically modified either by random mutations, cross breeding, or unwanted, incidental DNA contamination. Random mutation can be totally arbitrary where a cell in a plant or a cell in your body spontaneously mutates. This could be positive or it could be negative as in cancer.

Recently, Scott Kelly, a US Astronaut, had his DNA examined and compared with a previous sample of his as well as the DNA of his twin brother. It turns out that about 7% of his DNA was disrupted and changed compared to his twin brother’s sample and his own DNA before the flight (identical twins have identical DNA at birth). Therefore, he was genetically modified due to cosmic radiation.


Astronaut’s DNA changed by time in space

Preliminary findings from NASA indicate that 7% of Scott Kelly’s genes…

  1. Originally there was only one singular Haas avocado tree on earth with the taste and texture of the fruit we know today. It was a random mutation, which has now been propagated by man to become dominant. It was one tree found by a Californian man in Central America. One plant on earth. A mutant.
  2. Every dog species on earth is derived from a single wolf ancestor. Certain dog mutations were spotted by man and propagated so that we have a variety of dogs including Dachshunds that look nothing like a wolf. Of course, with current genetic engineering the thousands of years it took to make a Dachshund could have been accomplished in probably one year!
  3. When GMO plants are processed, there is almost none of their DNA in the final product like corn oil, HFCS, and Canola (which was made through selective cultivars). But in some cases, there remains genetic material like in GMO Salmon, GMO trout, and GMO tomatoes. With tomatoes, as with any produce, there needs to be careful scrutiny before consumption. In fact, the real danger in GMO crops is not the product but the pesticides and fertilizers that are used on them. This is why I try to eat organic produce and organic grass-fed meat (though very little).
  4. Concerning the consumption of GMO food, there seems to be a considerable lack of knowledge about how the digestive system works. Why is it that you can eat a fruit or food your body has never ever eaten before and not become immediately ill? It is because your GI tract is NOT inside your body. It is a long tube that goes through the middle of your body and you absorb sugar and nutrients through the intestinal membranes making up that tube. At the beginning of the GI tract there is the “grinder”. A vegetarian once told me “chew your food well in your mouth because it is the last time in your GI tract where you can grid it and release additional nutrients. Then, the so-called “bolus” of food travels as a “plug” into your stomach where the pH is 1.0, extremely acidic. This rips apart many things and destroys/denatures some DNA and certainly kills most bacteria. The next stop is the duodenum at a pH of 2 to almost 7.0 at the distal end (it is only about 10 inches long). There is where bacteria (oral flora) and enzymes break down the bolus into sugars, nucleic acids, peptides, amino acids and vitamins and other nutrients. This is why we can eat almost anything and your GI tract and oral flora break it down to things your body uses and needs. So, if you eat a banana or a steak, the same process essentially takes place. The process is the same with GMO food. Everything is broken down to basic building blocks. This is why there is little risk from a DNA point of view from GMO foods. Of course, there is always some risk and that is why extensive testing must be performed. The larger risk arises from the pesticides and chemical fertilizers used to grow both non-GMO and GMO crops. Some of these chemicals can enter your bloodstream unaltered by digestion.
  5. Some of the most potent poisons on Earth are “all natural”. Examples of natural poisons are: strychnine, aflatoxins, botulism, cyanogenic glucosides (in flax seeds), poison mushrooms, Hemlock, Nightshade, castor beans, rosary pea, oleander and, of course, tobacco. Of course, we could genetically modify them to make them safe!
  6. You are also genetically modified since genetic mutation and natural selection causes changes over time in your body. Most mutations are dead ends and vanish, but some are good and flourish. This is called evolution. Another thing most people don’t want to hear: our gut bacteria have entered our vascular systems; bacterial as well as viral DNA have been incorporated into your human DNA. Congratulations, you are GMO and you did not even know it.
  7. How do you avoid changing your DNA and avoid cancer? Don’t lay out in the sun (UV light mutates your skin cells and actually penetrates into your body). Avoid radio frequency radiation like that from cell phones (I have a holster for my iPhone and place one sheet of aluminum foil between the phone and case to block RF energy). Use wired ear phones not blue tooth, as Dr. Mercola says always fly at night if you have a choice (less cosmic radiation), wear sunglasses, don’t smoke, drink moderately but do have at least one a day, take at least 4 mg astaxanthin a day and AlphaOmega 3 from Be Whole Integral Formulations (Amazon or the BeWhole web site), Take 500 mg MegaRed Krill oil a day, eat berries, preferably organic. Take anthocyanins and pro-anthocyanins from black current powder, blueberries, bilberries, beet juice (Natalie’s Orange/Beet juice, or Super Beets), give blood once a year (get rid of iron, unless you are female). Take 10 mg Lycopene/day and prevent breast and prostate cancer. Take 1,3 beta glucan from Leiber, made under the German Beer Purity Law (501 years ago) for boosting the innate immune system. Take 2,000 I.U. vitamin D3 per day. Of course, there is much more, so stay tuned to
  8. Where should you live? Oxygen gives life but also kills you. Sunshine is necessary for vitamin D production in your skin but will also kill you. The best compromise is to live at an altitude of 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) in a place with clean water and low air pollution. At 1,000 meters you have a little less oxygen and it is low enough to avoid too much radiation. Do not live near a granite deposit (radon), or in a place with arsenic in the water (Rocky Mountain States and California Sierra Madre hills).

Understand what GMO means and how it is all around us, and in us!



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