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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chikungunya

I believe in a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and professional intervention as needed. Today, I would like to discuss an issue of a person who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I was skeptical that RA was the cause of her symptoms mainly because her joint pain and issues were asymmetrical. RA presents with symmetry on both sides of the body.

To test my theory that she may, in fact, have Chikungunya (a virus and not an autoimmune disease like RA), I gave her high doses of Euglena derived Euglena 1,3, and Beta-glucan 1,3. Beta-glucan should make RA far worse because it boosts the innate immune system while all RA drugs suppress the immune system. If you boost the immune system of a person with RA their condition will immediately worsen.

Mosquito sucking blood on human skin with nature backgroundThis woman’s symptoms subsided by 80% in 5 days and she is now on her way to full recovery. The likely cause of her catching Chikungunya was a mosquito bite while she was visiting Kona, Hawaii. Chikungunya is viral infection that looks like RA to most doctors.




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