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7 Pieces of Advice for Prostate Health

As a male just turning 70 this week, I thought I would say something about prostate health and prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in older men after heart disease. I think I know most of the contributing factors but I think there is a new one I thought of that nobody else seems to think about. So here they are with the newest one first.

1. Constipation.

When your doctor examines men for a prostate issue there is the uncomfortable finger and rubber glove test. You do know where that spot is don’t you? Well if you have a enlarged prostate the doctor can actually feel it with his finger. If that is the testing case, think about it, it means the colon and prostate are real close to each other in your body. So if you are constipated, it puts pressure on guess what? Also having feces “stuck” near your prostate allows the absorption of toxins by this organ and that can surely contribute to prostate enlargement and cancer.

2. Saw Palmetto

You should start taking Saw Palmetto extract 320 mg OIL every day with food (it is very acidic). Do this before you have any BPH. You must have Lycopene in your diet best as a 10 mg soft gel or in a “capsule in a capsule” form sold by Be Whole on Amazon or other sources. Careful, Lycopene is not stable in Saw Palmetto, they must be physically separated. Getting Lycopene from a supplement is one of those rare cases where the supplement is better than eating the food. Lycopene ingested in the form of tomato sauce (must be cooked) is also a source of oxalic acid, the chemical that causes kidney stones!

3. Don’t smoke.

4. Watch the alcohol.

Drink Vodka with lots of water and not more than 3 drinks a day. Moderate beer intake (ouch) because beer has a lot of sugar in it.

5. ” Walk the dog”

This is my expression I used with my German father to tell him when he was older that he needs to have sex on a fairly regular basis to keep “things flowing” Also it should be noted that if a man does not have sex (you call the shots about how and when “lol”) or has a vasectomy, the sperm would need to be reabsorbed in the body and I believe that abstinence and vasectomy procedures will statistically lead to more prostate cancer (or possibly an autoimmune disease).

6. Eat right and exercise

Eat a high vegetable diet, modest fat and low modest consumption of meat, eat fish like sardines and herring or salmon and hydrate. Take D3 supplements Astaxanthin and a B multivitamin and take krill oil (which contains Astaxanthin) as a supplement instead of fish oil. I recommend Aker krill oil because of its purity and low metal content. Do not supplement with Vitamin E in any form, you already have too much of it in your food because it is used as a preservative it accumulates in the prostate and forms tissue damaging free radicals. Have insoluble fiber in your diet like ChiaMax.

7. Wear the right clothes

Do not wear tight fitting synthetic fiber undergarments. Use cotton undergarments.



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