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Taking Supplements and Enhancing Their Absorption by Eating Soft Boiled Eggs

One egg a day does not add significant amounts of cholesterol to your body.

Before we start this discussion about eggs and supplements, there is a word of caution: Supplements can have interactions with each other so please do not take a fist full of supplements at once followed by a beverage (no orange or grapefruit juice; tea, coffee, or other juice is OK.) or water. Therefore, when you take supplements space them apart and consume them over say ½ hour at a minimum. When doing this while eating a soft-boiled egg you can take up to about 7 supplements by taking each after each spoonful of egg or a bite of whole wheat bread.

As a general rule, supplements that are oils can be taken together such as authentic Aker Superba krill oil, COQ 10, perilla oil, chia oil, flax oil lutein, astaxanthin (Algatech), lycopene (LycoRed), and Dr. Hittich’s (GreenPower) and MegaRot (Rot in German means Red).

If you are allergic to eggs, take your supplements with “spaced” 2X 500 mg. Aker Superba krill oil. Krill is an excellent emulsifier. If you are a Vegan or Vegetarian, take your oil based supplements with an avocado.

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Your body (liver) produces about 800 mg of cholesterol a day (this is not absorbed cholesterol, it is manufactured by your body from non-cholesterol sources). Absorbed cholesterol may be about 500 mg from all food sources.

The eggs I eat are organic, “The Country Hen” brand is my brand of choice and they contain 185 mg of cholesterol each. That is about ¼ of the amount of cholesterol your body makes naturally in your liver each day.

1. Eggs with a liquid yolk, be they fried or soft boiled, are natural emulsifiers and help your body absorb nutrients and especially oil-based supplements like COQ10, fat soluble vitamins, Vitamins E, A, K, and D, carotenoids like Astaxanthin, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. So, if you eat a soft boiled egg with any of these nutrients you will absorb more.

2. Eggs themselves contain protein that is almost identical to human protein, Lutein and Zeaxanthin (550 micrograms), Choline (160 mg), and Vitamin D (125 International units). Egg yolk also contains immunoglobulin which protects you against Hepatitis A.

3. How to cook an egg:

a. For a soft boiled egg, cook a refrigerated egg for 4 minutes or an unrefrigerated egg for 3 minutes in boiling water. Before boiling, use a needle or piercing device (WMF) to punch a hole on either end to allow air to escape and to keep the egg from cracking.

Do not rinse the egg with cold water after cooking. Use an egg cup or a Ei-Koepfer, to cut off the egg top.

I use the topper “Clack”

In the USA:

At that time, you can use salt and pepper but I generally use a little Knorr Aromat to flavor my egg. Use an expresso spoon to eat the egg contents and in between spoonfuls take your fat soluble supplements including Krill, but of course krill is also an emulsifier and does not need to be eaten with eggs, but it does help.

b. For a fried egg, use either a stainless or Teflon pan (I prefer stainless). Get the pan hot and add olive oil, for stainless you must add a little butter or the egg with stick to the pan. Then quickly add the egg and fry. Do not turn over the egg and if you want a little cooking of the yolk simply use a glass cover on the pan to “cloud” the yolk, but do not overcook it. Serve on a previously warmed plate. One trick on fried eggs is to crack one egg into a bowl and then crack another and throw away the 2nd yolk. Do not eat more than 1 egg a day. Then fry the egg with two whites and one yolk.

c. Method a. is the best since you add no oil to your diet.

d. Poaching an egg is also an excellent method of cooking and uses no fat. Three minutes for a refrigerated egg is ideal.

4. Never eat egg whites alone without the yolk! Sure, the protein in egg white is very good but egg white also contains some natural antimicrobial compounds that protect the yolk from getting microbial contamination and spoiling. These are natural biocides. They are somewhat OK to eat but why not eat the whole egg and get the complete nutrition. The yolk is the healthiest part of an egg, period.

5. The Cholesterol Reuptake Mechanism (CRM): Your liver makes cholesterol while you sleep and secretes it into your stool while you are sleeping. If you do not have a bowel movement within 3 hours the next morning, your body will reabsorb some of this cholesterol. Generally, you will have 15% lower blood lipid cholesterol if you go to the toilet within 3 hours of awakening in the morning. The best way to assure this is to consume soluble and insoluble fibers each day, preferably during your morning meal.



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