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Dr. Rudi Announces a New Product Superior to Fish Oil

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Many people consume fish oil supplements with hopes of improving overall health. It widely known in medical and health research circles that fish oil EPA/DHA free fatty acids (EPA/DHA/FFA) support healthy blood lipid profiles and  healthy cardiovascular systems with added benefits to the eyes, brain and joints.  Unfortunately, common fish oil triglycerides and ethyl esters are not free fatty acids and go rancid quickly. They are also difficult to digest.

The problem is that ordinary fish oil triglycerides (FOT) and Fish Oil Ethyl Esters (FOEE) found in fish supplement products cannot actually be directly absorbed into the blood stream. They need to first be digested (scientists call this hydrolysis) in the gut to actually be absorbed. The digestion process initially results in the formation of free fatty acids of EPA and DHA which are then readily absorbed into the blood stream.

With digestion of FOT, your body produces a significant amount of acid and your digestive system has to work hard to hydrolyze (digest) these molecules.  This digestion process often results in fishy burp back, stomach upset and possibly acid reflux.  The digestion, in fact, is very inefficient. Only 20% to 35% of the EPA/DHA in fish oil or FOEE ends up in the bloodstream and this process may take up to or more than five hours in your body.

A company called Be Whole has just solved the “digestion” of fish oil triglycerides FOT problems by simply using a new ingredient that pre-digests FOT into its super absorbable Free Fatty Acid form (FFA) which is super absorbable, does not cause burp-back and is almost fully absorbed to the blood stream in about 3 hours.  The new product is incorporated into a new formulation called AlphaOmega-3. The patented pre-digested FFA ingredient used in the new formula is produced by Evonik. Be Whole integrated this ingredient into a formula that contains FFA plus Algatech Astaxanthin, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

The free fatty acids in AlphaOmega-3 are compounded with the essential alpha amino acid Lysine. Evonik calls it’s ingredient AvailOm™.  Lysine by itself has important nutritional functions.

The bioavailability of the FFA in AlphaOmega-3 is greater than 95%, making it superior to krill oil which is approximately 70%.

I believe if you only had the choice of one supplement to take per day, then AlphaOmega-3 is it!  You would be supporting heart, joint, eye health with the Free Fatty Acids and Astaxanthin, while the function of Vitamin D3 and B12 are well understood.

Each Capsule of AlphaOmega-3 contains:

Ingredient Amount %DV
Omega-3 Lysine Complex 555.5 mg **
Omegs-3 Free Fatty Acids 250 mg **
EPA Free Fatty Acids 178.5 mg **
DHA Free Fatty Acid 71.5 mg **
L-Lysine (natural) 166.5 mg **
Astaxanthin (natural) 1.0 mg **
Phosphidylcholine 0.5 mg **
Vitamin D3 400 i.u. 100%
Vitamin B12 12 mcg 100%

**Daily Value not established

Be Whole is recommending 2 capsules per day, but I suggest you may need only one a day. If you choose to take more, I suggest you take one in the morning and one in the evening.  The product will not upset your stomach no matter what time of day you take it.

Hopefully, you have already had your blood lipid profile established and you have a good idea of what your cholesterol, HDL (High Density Lipoprotein), LDL and triglycerides levels are at time zero (untreated).  I strongly suggest that you get another blood lipid profile performed after about 60 days of taking AlphaOmega-3 to make sure your lipid profile is in line with normal values known to be healthy (Cholesterol at less than 200, HDL at over 70 and Triglycerides of less than 200).  In my own case, after taking AlphaOmega-3, my doctor was shocked that my HDL was 150, a number he has never seen before in a human (Before taking Aker Krill Oil it was 70. After taking 1,000 mg of krill a day for 2 months my TG went to 115, also a very high number.)  My total cholesterol is now about 220 and this is okay because most of it is HDL.

I submit that dosage depends on how well your body responds to the high absorption of EPA/DHA Free Fatty Acids.

As my followers already know, I am a big fan of Aker Superba Krill oil.  I still believe in its health benefits.  So if you are a user of Aker Krill oil (MegaRed) continue. However you may also consider AlphaOmega-3 in addition to MegaRed, so one 500 mg MegaRed and One Be Whole AlphaOmega-3 per day depending on what your doctor sees in your blood lipid profile.

Comparing Krill with AO3 500 mg dose:


Characteristic Krill Alphaomega-3
Physical form Liquid, fishy smell Powder no fish odor
Omega-3 DHA EPA 100 mg 250 mg
Total Fatty Acids 115 mg 325 mg
Source Antarctic Krill (shrimp) Hydrolyzed Purified Fish oil ethyl ester and later algae oil
Amino Acid Lysine 0 162 mg
Bioavailability 70%+ 95%-98%
Vitamin D3 and B12 None 100%-200% DV
Astaxanthin 0.025 mg 1.0 mg


Reduction of Triglycerides in Humans:

It is my belief that AlphaOmega-3 will have a profound effect on lowering blood lipid triglycerides in humans.

In a landmark paper (, Dr. Eliot Brinton presents an extensive presentation on why fish oil and fish oil FFA (Epanova) therapy works better than statin drugs alone in lowering triglycerides. Statins alone do not prevent all cardiovascular events. The residual risk is still 50% to 70% of a cardio event (heart attack) even if you are on statins, simply because they do not lower triglycerides enough. Therefore, the use of fish oil derivatives becomes a major consideration, either as stand-alone therapy or combined with statins to prevent cardiovascular death.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has published a paper comparing the bioavailability of FOEE, FOTG and EPA/DHA FFA- or as they say in their publication, CA for Carboxylic acid. The paper ( clearly shows that free fatty acid of fish oil is 6 to 7 times more bio-available than Lovaza EPA/DHA Ethyl Ester, a known FDA approved pharmaceutical drug used to dramatically lower TG.

For myself, consideration of the above facts leads to the conclusion that there are only two realistic supplements to attack cholesterol and triglycerides. They are:

  1. The new product AlphaOmega-3 EPA/DHA FFA/Lysine complex
  2. Moderate doses of krill oil 1.0 to 2 grams/day.



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